Piedmont Appraisers, LLC

Ethical Standards

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) governs our actions and our responsibilities to our clients. When you engage Piedmont Appraisers to provide an appraisal you can be assured of receiving professional service that is ethical in all respects:

Confidentiality- we report directly to the client that is ordering the appraisal, in most cases the mortgage lender. If homeowners want a copy of the appraisal they should request it through their lender.

Accuracy- appraisals are always based on current numerical and market data that is both precise and unbiased.

Competency- through mandated instruction and by fulfilling ongoing training requirements, our appraisers achieve and maintain a high level of competency and education.

Professionalism- it is the duty of our appraisers to always conduct themselves in a professional and highly ethical manner.

Fiduciary Responsibilities- in addition to our customers, Piedmont Appraisers has certain fiduciary duties to homeowners, buyers, sellers and other disclosed third parties. These duties are limited based on the scope of the work, or other contractual agreements arising out of the written assignment.

Prohibitions- USPAP rules, the bylaws of other professional societies along with state laws governing unethical activities ensure that we work objectively at all times. Our strict adherence to these guidelines prohibit Piedmont Appraisers from ever accepting, or being a party to any of the following:
  • contingency fees
  • percentage fees
  • assignments contingent on reporting a pre-determined result
  • intentionally taking a direction in an assignment producing results that favor the cause of the client.